Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pork T-Loin Recipe

Pinterest is my new obsession. I encourage anyone who has not yet joined, to go ahead and give in.  It is SO worth it.  I would join just for the recipes alone... I have now made 3 things that I found on the website, and they have all been delicious.  Tonight, I made a brown sugar and balsamic glazed pork tenderloin, and OMG it was the most amazing, delicious sauce I have ever tasted...I just had to share it.  I seriously contemplated eating the leftover glaze with a spoon.  I did not take a picture, but you can click here for the recipe.  Trust me, you will love it!  I did not do the pork in the crock pot, but I am sure it is even more tender and juicy if you do it that way.  Enjoy!!