Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still here...

Well, I haven't been much in the mood to blog recently.  Not sure why, just not much to say. Life has been good, and we have had lots of visitors here in Nashville which has been awesome.  While George was out of town one weekend, my sisters came to visit and we had a really great time.  Within 5 minutes of them being here, we were all 3 sitting in one chair taking goofy pictures together on my MacBook, crying we were laughing so hard.  I would share, but my MacBook's hard drive, everything was wiped out. :(  My best friend, Jodi, and her BF, Jeremy, came to visit the the next weekend.  It seriously monsooned the whole time they were here, but we still had so much fun together.  

 George and I have been doing lots of Spring cleaning and organizing.  The third bedroom/ junk storage room that we planned to eventually make a nursery office is now clear and ready for whatever may come next. ;)  We are so excited to be heading home this weekend.  We have not been to Atlanta since Christmas!!  That is totally a record for me.  CANNOT WAIT to see family and friends! Especially excited to meet my younger sister's new boyfriend! :)  Will post pics after the weekend!